Gymkhana 5.0

 Innovative mobile App

The main objective of “Gymkhana 5.0: Cultural Heritage for Youth” project is the development of a new game through which participants will be involved in an educational process based on gamification. This innovative educational game will be developed through an accessible mobile application (APP) which will be called “Gymkhana 5.0”.

The aim is to generate a specific methodological tool thanks to the use of the gamification process in order to facilitate, increase and deepen the knowledge of the European heritage and cultural education by young people and in order to promote their learning and facilitate the their access, in particular young people with fewer opportunities (refugees and migrants, people with disabilities, young people with social and economic obstacles, etc.), ensuring their accessibility. In addition, the APP will be a new tool for young workers, trainers and professionals who work in the field of both youth and the discovery of cultural heritage.


Find out how the GYMKHANA 5.0 app was born and how you can use it to work with young people! 

Video tutorial

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Development phases of the app

The development of “Gymkhana 5.0: educational game” was carried out in four phases:

Documentation: This first phase was dedicated to the search for content concerning the cultural / artistic heritage present in each city involved in the project and where it will be implemented. To do this, the partnership carried out an analysis to identify and deepen the study of at least seven heritage spaces where the tour will take place. Each of the organizations of the consortium identified 7 spaces for  the tour and collect information regarding the heritage of each of the selected spaces. The selection of places of interest was be made through precise criteria with particular attention to each of the architectural obstacles in order to guarantee accessibility for young people with disabilities.

Design: In this phase, the specialists in the development of gamification techniques of ASPAYM CYL FOUNDATION organization have designed the APP that contains all the information obtained during the research phase. The APP is the digital support of the educational game which, based on the gamification process, includse each of the itinerant itineraries established in each of the cities where the project is implemented.

Analysis: The educational game was tested in each of the 5 cities of origin of each organisation of the consortium with 25 young people.
This phase was important to evaluate the app. A document was provided for each participante, where the learning processes and reactions and reactions to the educational game were assessed.

Harmonization and completion of the educational game: ASPAYM CYL has proceed with the harmonization of the app making the necessary changes thanks to the evaluation and the comments received during the Analysis period with the aim of improve the educational game. All developed content are available in five languages ​​(Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Spanish and English).