About the Project

“Gymkhana 5.0: Cultural heritage for young people” is a project aimed at expanding European heritage education among young people, in particular young people with fewer opportunities (refugees and migrants, people with disabilities, people with social and economic obstacles, etc. .), through the development, experimentation and implementation of innovative educational tools based on the use of gamification, a learning technique that moves the mechanics of the games to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results, either to better absorb some knowledge, improve some skill or reward concrete actions.. These innovative methods, created through transnational and intersectoral European cooperation, will integrate the skills and knowledge of our European cultural heritage, focusing on promoting a tool that promotes heritage education, motivates young people to get to know our European heritage and generates new tools for youth workers, trainers and professionals working on this topic. Among the main objectives of the project there is, in fact, the development of the skills of youth workers and service providers for young people. The result that the project will achieve will be the creation of “Gymkhana 5.0: educational game”. The goal of this educational game developed through an accessible mobile application (APP) is to generate a specific methodological tool through gamification that facilitates knowledge of the European heritage and cultural education in the field of youth, in order to promote learning. and facilitate their access to young people, especially young people with fewer opportunities, ensuring their accessibility. The duration of the project will be 20 months, from 20/12/2019 to 19/08/2021. 


Goals and objectives; The main objectives of the project are:

  • to increase European heritage education in youth, especially in youth with fewer opportunities motivating their learning through the use of gamification;
  • to generate new tools for youth workers, trainers and professionals who work in the youth field through the design of an educational game focused on heritage education European.
  • to develop innovative methods based on the use of the gamification that will integrate skills and knowledge about our European cultural heritage
  • to promote the organisational development of 5 institutions with different previous experiences, both cultural and organizational, and strengthening the strategic partnership between them through the development and dissemination of intellectual production and innovative work methodology created in the field of youth and non-formal education. 


GYMKHANA brings together 5 partners from different countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece with complementary skills and with necessary background. The coordinator is Castilla y León Youth Council, it carries out a multitude of activities aimed at young people with fewer opportunities to encourage their participation in society and to increase their skills through non-formal education. In addition to coordinator, the partnership is formed by:

  • Aspaym Castilla y León Foundation: Aspaym has extensive experience working with people with physical disability, carrying out workshops with different methodologies to promote inclusion and to improve the sensory abilities and wellbeing of these young people.
  • Rosto Solidario: It has extensive knowledge working with people with geographic and economic obstacles, as well as with people with special needs concerning learning.
  • CEIPES: European NGO based in Palermo and active in 8 European Countries, realizing social projects in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Palermo. – Dione Youth Organitation: It has extensive experience fostering the cultural heritage of Cypriot youth, promoting European awareness and belonging.

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Day 7 October 2021, a date to remember!

Day 7 October 2021, a date to remember!

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development – successfully organised the local Multiplier event for the promotion of the Gymkhana 5.0 app for the project “Gymkhana 5.0: Cultural heritage for young people”.  The project “Gymkhana 5. 0:...