CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 and based in Palermo, Italy. It leads a Network of more than 8 European and extra European associations focused on Education, Training and Social Development. CEIPES’s work is inspired by the principles and values of peace and non-violence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, respect for the environment, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social inclusion, respect, tolerance and interculturality. CEIPES works at local, European and international level with over 40 organizations and public bodies that work in synergy to achieve identical objectives. At the local level, CEIPES coordinates the CEIPES network, which is based in Sicily and has over 20 organizations, as well as public and private bodies.

The main purpose of CEIPES is to promote education and development of young people and adults through education, training, culture, nonviolence, interculturality, solidarity, human rights, active citizenship, international cooperation and to promote services that thus contribute to the human being and civil growth at individual, community and world level.

CEIPES is divided into different sectors, each of which develops specific projects with the support of professional intervention teams. Each sector is coordinated by a manager who pays great attention to the quality of the service and the activities carried out. The staff of CEIPES is composed of many professional experts with different skills in different sectors such as psychology, communication, training, international cooperation, social and cultural mediation, social assistance, IT and law. At this moment CEIPES operates in several sectors: “INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT, YOUTH, EDUCATION, RESEARCH, TRAINING, MOBILITY OF LEARNING, CULTURE AND SOCIAL WELFARE “. Our activities, depending on the area of intervention, are addressed to: young people, adults, migrants, disadvantaged youth and NEET, women, educators, teachers and students, members of public institutions, unemployees.

CEIPES promotes professional training, the use of art as an expression of creativity and awareness of human rights, the use of sport as a vehicle for socialization and integration. CEIPES uses the dance therapy too, as a psycho-physical well-being, with the goal to offer opportunities to young people and adults with the risk of social exclusion.

CEIPES has several links with public and private local and international stakeholders that can contribute to the achievement of project results in terms of dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of them.

Erika Vagante, Irene Capozzi

Erika Vagante, Irene Capozzi